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You can claim any pairing/person as long as it hasn’t already been claimed. Claims list is Here.


⇒ individual member - anything goes, pairings with bandmates/non-bandmates, no pairings, all situations, as long as your claimed character is a main character in every entry
⇒ pairing - anything with your pairing featured is suitable, add in other pairings, as long as your claimed pairing is a main one. all pairings are fine, really, it doesn't matter how cracky it is.
⇒ 3/7/5/etc. some - all of your entries have to feature your claimed #whatever-some.
⇒ band - this applies if you wish to write gen (no romance) fics or if you just can't choose just one member/pairing, so you want to write entries with varying main characters/pairings/#some/etc. but keep in mind your fics must revolve around the band you have claimed.

Users can claim the same Individual/Band/Pairing/#some, but with a different option of prompts. (Like, one does the 50 prompts, and the other the 17 phrase prompts, but with the same pairing.) (This is subject to change in the future.)

There is a five month time limit only to keep your claim active. If you don't post in that time you'll lose your claim. If you claim is inactive for more than five months after you start posting and someone wants your claim, you will lose that claim. Extensions will be granted to those who request them. As long as you are posting at least once every five months, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish.

You may make no more than 2 claims, but if you choose multiple claims, they must be from separate bands.

1. You must write a fic for each of the different themes.

2. Themes can be written in whatever order you choose.

3. You can’t use stories you have already written

4. AU fics are allowed. RPs are not allowed. Co-authored fics are allowed.

5. There is no min/max length requirements for the fics. Drabbles are welcome.

6. You can choose to have each fic stand alone or turn all or some of them into multichapter fics.

7. Please only post no more than 2 fics in one post.

8. LJ-cut is your friend. Don't know how to do one? < lj-cut="insert a nice title here">insert fanfic </ lj-cut>. That simple! (Without the spaces, of course.) Need more help? Consult the FAQ page on LJ-cuts.

9. Please members-lock your entry if what you're posting has adult content (NC-17).

10. Please tag your entries appropriately!

11. If you fake-cut, you MAY NOT fake-cut to a locked post. If you want to lock your entries on your personal LJ, then you will have to post your entries here (and not fake-cut) and lock them for members only.

12. When posting the fics, please use the form below, especially the warnings area.

Subject: [Claim/Prompt] Title, Pairing, x/xx (if it is a multiparter)

Any questions? Take a look at our FAQs post


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